Solaris 10 user manual

Sparcsolaris gui management guide october 2014 revision 1. Deactivate a user account in solaris 10 the unix and. Prior to solaris 10 10 08, although it was possible to run a zone on zfs, an upgrade was not supported. This section describes all of these solaris 10 documentation options. Unix server sparc enterprise t5220,t5120 user manuals. With the new zfs file system by solaris 10, this can be achieved with little effort. Instructions for accessing thirdparty notices in oracle solaris 10 describes how to find thirdparty notices from either an installed system or from the installation.

The product described in this manual may be protected by one or more u. Oracle solaris 10 documentation library oracle docs. Im going to attempt to answer all your questions here. Oracle solaris 10 1 reference manual documentation this library shelf contains the complete set of manual pages for the oracle solaris 10 1 operating. Solaris 10 release notes unsupported features the following features described in solaris os manuals are not supported.

After january 31, there will be two types of support available for oracle solaris 10. Deactivate a user account in solaris 10 hi, i need to deactivate a user account for some time and then reactivate the user account. This command displays the first part of a sunos manual reference. Documentation home oracle solaris 10 documentation library. Note the solaris operating environment runs on two platforms, sparc. Unix server sparc enterprise m4000 user manuals fujitsu. Dear all, i think this stupid question, but i was search in this forum and i not yet have get specific answer for my problem. Since solaris 10 10 08, zfs can be used as zone root. View and download fujitsu solaris 10 hardware platform manual online. Fujitsu solaris 10 hardware platform manual pdf download. I just installed sun solaris 10 in my box, and i want add new user, but there is cant work, i try this command useradd u 1002 g 102 d homeexportheru s binsh but thereis not work, and how to create password for new user. Oracle solaris command reference for linux users fujitsu. Solaris 10 operating system product library documentation. Solaris 10 how do i add a new user and specify the password from the command line after logging in as root.

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