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It provides all of the monitoring and control functions necessary to operate an irlp echoirlp node using a javascript enabled web browser. Reflector 3 software wireless to screen mirror iphone to mac with quicktime, start by plugging your iphone into your mac using the usb cable it came with. Echoirlp is a software package that can be added on to an existing irlp node to allow it to connect to the echolink network. If you then go to your ipad or iphone and, assuming youre running ios7, swipe up to bring up the tray where you can toggle wifietc, you should see a new airplay button press on this. Irlp reflector 9210 will be used to link repeaters in the affected areas and will act as net control reflector. The native format for many pc, mac and linux systesm is 44 kbps stereo. A node that some black rock amateur radio association members in the bay area listen to is node 3683 it happens to be in san francisco and transmits on 223.

The black rock uhf repeater is irlp node 7249 and the vhf simplex radio is node 3075. You will not hear anything from the node until it is connected to another node. To use irlp you need a radio that has a touchtone dtmf keypad. Remember that a 100 hertz pl tone is required to access the repeater. Modified irlp board use gpio general purpose io header usb sound card software base echoirlp register echolink separately 16. Reflector is an airplay receiver that allows you to wirelessly display your ipad or iphone on a number of devices. Channel 2 is accessible via echolink by an analog gateway that is operated independently by mara, as long as irlp node 8433 is connected to the reflector. During august and september 2004, software was developed to enable a digital link between an irlp reflector gsm subchannels only and an echolink conference. An overview of the internet repeater linking project. I have had an irlp node in fargo for over 10 years.

If there were thirty nodes connected and each one idd across the reflector every 10 minutes. Ipox5 voip remote link software ipox5 is a free version of the commercial remote base fixed link system. The reflector computer itself is not connected to any radio or repeater but rather runs a conference bridge program that implements 10 separate irlp reflector channels 10 separate simultaneous conversations at the same time. Airplay mirroring is one of the coolest features of ios and reflector makes it simple to use on your mac or windows pc. Demo with ease easily demo ios apps on any mac running os x lion using airplay mirroring on ios 5. Irlp nodes can be customized by writing linux shell scripts.

The irlpvcon package was created to provide a complete realtime visual admin console for an irlp node. The internet radio linking project irlp information page. Irlp uses the same compressed gsm codec as echolink. Connected to 9100 or another node or reflector or idle not connected but active or down or if not connected to the internet. If you or your club are interested in setting up an rf gateway for both echolink and irlp, a good choice might be echoirlp. As for the irlp software itself, it is constantly under development and there are frequent. This program should run on any redhat 9 or fedora node. Log into the node while its not connected anywhere as the repeater username and type.

Play games, watch movies, demo applications or present from the palm of your hand. The dvtool software runs with windows xpvista7810, mac os x, or most. My node is echoirlp however it started out as only irlp and i dont have the echolink side of it up and running. Coupled with the power of the internet, irlp will link your repeater site or simplex station to the world in a simple and cost effective way. The simplest node to try is the echo reflector which will record 10 seconds of your audio and then play it back again. In irlp a reflector is a computer based server which connects 2 or more nodes a node is a repeater connected to a computer or a irlp computer connected to a radio operating simplex. This allows those devices to connect to reflector and mirror their screen without any additional software. Looking to download safe free versions of the latest software for mac, freeware, shareware and demo programs from a reputable download site. The primary purpose is to use the internet to link ham repeaters with a secondary purpose of providing remote access for users. The east coast irlp reflector 9050 provides the means of linking multiple amateur radio repeaters and simplex radios together using voiceoverip software and the internet. Irlp lcd is a client for lcdproc to display the status of an irlp node.

Please do not disable inactivity timeouts and leave your node connected to the reflector. Mirror your content to the big screen without wires or complicated setups. It is located in a colocation facility in las vegas with very high bandwidth, much more than a t1. Oct 24, 2012 prototype peak audio monitor left bar is below 340 hz, middle is 340 hz 3. With this type of link the two nodes are interconnected and no other irlp connections are possible. The admin menu item 1 can be selected to perform an update. Welcome to the irlp crossroads reflector 9200 use and operation policy. Each gateway consists of a dedicated computer running custom software that. This mac download was scanned by our builtin antivirus and was rated as virus free. Remember, by not leaving long brakes between transmissions your transmit time becomes accumulative and you will time out the system. The people who hang out on this reflector like to talk about projects involving raspberry pi boards, experimenting with speak freely voip software, cross connecting between different voip analog and digital networks, building wireless mobile irlp nodes, low cost vpn servers for irlp nodes and aprs link to reflector web page ask a question. The irlprepeater script allows you to turn an irlp node into a repeater contoller with the use of just two radios, a duplexer and antenna. The connection and recognition of the software was quick and without.

You must use a radio to access irlp you cannot connect directly from the internet or without an amateur radio license. The western reflector also has channel 9090 through 9099 called the western reflector annex. Add screen mirroring to any mac or windows computer with reflector 3. Sample connection procedure for irlp node 9250, western. The western reflector is a irlp reflector with ten channels 9250 through 9259. A reflector is like a traditional rf hub link repeater but located in cyberspace and has no radio but is just a computer running special reflector irlp software. Have a qso on the local repeater while connected to the reflector. So if the onair deviation is different, the thing that needs adjusting at this point is what you are sending your receiver audio. From my understandings the designer of irlp doesnt like other modes having connectivity with irlp over claims that echolink let an unlicensed operator access.

From this project he went on to develop some of the first open source programs for dstar. Personally i dont believe we as amateurs should use a technology where we pay for its services, whether that be software. Support for echoham is not available through the echolink web site. This involves your node being connected to the internet. Chuck, nodes can hook up one to one on a direct connection or one to many via a reflector. This requirement is very important on a busy reflector like 9200, remember that any ids or hangtime that leaks through, completely block the reflector from other users. Reflector 2 screen mirroring app for mac and windows. I cant speak for the guys who own the east coast reflector but i do know that is why they prefer irlp.

This app will display the nearest irlp nodes on a map. Download ham radio deluxe software, user guides, manuals. Nov 26, 2012 this short video describes how to use irlp or internet radio linking project to connect to other irlp repeaters worldwide. You can use your current location, or enter an address. Download reflector 3 screen mirroring software squirrels. Popular free alternatives to reflector for windows, linux, iphone, android, mac and more. Channel 6 is accessible via echolink by an analog gateway that is operated independently by limarc, as long as irlp node 4438 is connected to the reflector.

Setting irlp node audio levels compiled by mike morris wa6ilq. This software is available to download from the publisher site. A reflector is implemented with a computer running linux and special irlp reflector software. The rtpdir bridge to bridge echolink, irlp, dstar and asterisk by scott, ki4lkf 2007. One is node to node and the other is by connecting to a reflector. Use reflector to wirelessly display and record iphones, ipads, chromebooks, android devices and windows tablets on a bigger screen. At the bottom is a map of the area the node is located to be able to see if it is within range of your proposed location. Irlp first radio over internet network protocol roip halfduplex node to node or node to reflector specific hardware required to come in through a radio keeping the radio in amateur radio irlp boar d. Reflector couldnt be simpler to install and use, and ive found it to be solid as a rock. Download the official screen mirroring receiver here.

It allows radio to radio links with pc users access, and is secure ie private use for taxi companies and remote offices to access remote base etcand works over broadband. This ensures that the latest irlp support code is present. This program is written in c, and runs directly on the irlp node. Click on any node on the map to get connection details. The details include the nodes frequency and tone, and whether the node is idle or not.

A normal net consists of more than 30 repeaters from all over the us, canada, united kingdom, sweden, germany, japan and australia. Once installed itll sit in your taskbar and listen. Up until mid 2004, such linked servers were implemented using an analogue technique, using two nodes 1 irlp, 1 echolink back to back. List of experimental reflectors that have been verified as operational. Quickstart guide, user manual, and support documents. Reflector allows you to airplay mirror your iphone or ipad to your. Each gateway consists of a dedicated computer running custom software that is connected to both a radio and the internet. Leave the w6son repeater node linked to the western reflector or any other node. The reflector is sending you back the exact same bits youre sending out. After the debian operating system was installed we jumped to the next step installing the irlp software. The system administrators are asking all east coast reflector system users to set all transmitter timers tot to 3 minutes.

Irlp echo reflector audio analyst for node audio setup. So off to ebay i went for the motherboard, flash drive and pantech verizon wireless um150 usb modem. There are two connection modes for an irlp connection. Home up faq general faq installation faq callsign validation. Stop and read the instructions below, or see the link at the bottom for other methods documented by randy kc6hur, which also work relatively well. Download ham radio deluxe software for your purchase, as an upgrade, or for a free 30 day trial. Another way of describing a reflector is to picture a internet chat room, but with people on radios instead of people on keyboards.

They best way to proceed is to contact a reflector owner and ask to use one of his reflector subchannels that is not getting use and see if it can be utilized as an irlp gathering place for rv owners or folks interested in rvs. Other useful functions such as recording phone screen. Once you have logged into the node as root, you issue a command that will run a script. The internet radio linking project, also called irlp, is a closedsource project that links amateur radio stations around the world by using voice over ip voip. How to mirror iphone screen to mac free and easy 2018. There are streaming audio feeds of some of the reflector traffic on the internet, which can be monitored. The irlp system consists of rf gateways called nodes and reflectors.

This is like a software based repeater that records your audio and. By downloading, installing, copying, or otherwise using the irlpvcon software package you agree to be bound by the following terms of agreement. Start or plan a net without preauthorization from the reflector owner. This linking of these repeaters will give the local national weather service offices around the country and the world a quick and immediate contact with amateur radio skywarn spotters. The irlp uses voiceoverip voip custom software and hardware.

It is your responsibility to disconnect irlp when you are finished. Implementing irlp and echolink using a raspberry pi. It can also control android devices from pc with mouse and keyboard. The irlp repeater script allows you to turn an irlp node into a repeater contoller with the use of just two radios, a duplexer and antenna. Irlp, or the internet radio linking project is a voip service that allows repeaters and simplex nodes to link via the internet. The internet radio linking project, irlp side of our system runs on a large network called a reflector hosted in a data center in michigan. Direct connect is just like it sounds where node a connects direct with node b. Irlpvcon is a ed package that is provided on a royalty free license basis to radio amateurs for use on their personal or club irlp nodes. Internet linking software for ham radio operators, echolink, irlp, ilink category is a curation of web resources on, winmor, ipox5 voip remote link software, ipox5 radio link system. Apowermirror is a wireless screen mirroring app that allows fluent streaming of your android or ios devices to any mac or windows computer. Well, an irlp reflector allows an nway conference of nodes, where n can be anything from 2 to well over 100. Installing the software first of all make sure you are running the latest image with the latest updates. Reflector can be installed on most popular entertainment devices like amazon fire tv and fire tv stick. Channel 3 is a digital gateway installed on the reflector server itself thebridge.

Reflector is a wireless mirroring and streaming receiver for android devices, iphone, ipad, ipod, mac and windows computers and chromebooks. Implementing irlp and echolink using a raspberry pi clay jackson n7qnm. After you get it to send back whatever deviation youre. Here are some instructions that should help get you comfortable using irlp on the 147. Download free kaspersky internet security antivirus for windows 8. Reflector, callsign, name, location, software used, website, ask a. Narri western reflector channels 1, 3, 4, 7, 8 and 9 are integrated servers, which means those irlp reflector channels are digitally linked to a unique echolink integrated conference thus allowing nodes on echo conferences to talk to nodes on specific reflector channels. Well, an irlp reflector allows an nway conference of nodes, where n can be. The world wide friendship net takes place daily at 10.

Explore 4 apps like reflector, all suggested and ranked by the alternativeto user community. While nodes a and b are connected, anyone attempting to connect with either node will be told by a. Reflector 2 allows you to share the screen from your mobile devices to your mac or pc desktop or laptop computers. The most popular versions among reflector for mac users are 1. All nodes connected to ref9200 main channel are expected to be monitored at all times while connected to the reflector. Reflector for mac download free 2020 latest version. Irlp uses voiceoverip software and a custom interface board to interface your vhf or uhf amateur radio to repeaters around the world via the internet. Repeaters winlink irlp sonoma county radio amateurs. This includes all repeaters, simplex nodes, portables, mobiles and base stations.

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